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About Us

WhitoMedia is a lead generation/ affiliate marketing project based in the United Kingdom. Run by two British brothers, Jacob Whitmore and Ethan Whitmore. The brothers have a vast experience in the SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation. Fun, adventurous and honest, their business is all about showcasing the best digital content. WhitoMedia are all about creating amazing digital properties and products.

Who We Are

We create niche websites to capture organic leads.

Constantly updating and adding new information to our websites to provide the most relevant knowledge.

We work with every size.

From working with the biggest in our sector to the smallest. WhitoMedia partner with the best businesses no matter the size. As long as they provide the best customer service and a strong reputation we will partner with them. 

What sets us apart


Our websites are designed to give our potential leads the best information. To put it simply, well thought out design with the correct information.


We take our time producing our websites. We plan out every aspect before building to create the best experience possible for our users.


The leads which we provide to our partners are sourced by giving potential customers the best information and if they require our partners service they can obtain a quote.

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