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Accessibility Policy

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose

This Accessibility Policy outlines the commitment of WhitoMedia to providing accessible digital content and services to all individuals, including those with disabilities. We are dedicated to ensuring that our online presence is inclusive and complies with accessibility standards.

1.2 Scope

This policy applies to all digital content, websites, applications, and services owned or operated by WhitoMedia.

2. Accessibility Standards

2.1 Compliance

WhitoMedia is committed to complying with applicable accessibility standards, including but not limited to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 at the AA level.

2.2 Continuous Improvement

We strive for continuous improvement in accessibility and will keep pace with evolving accessibility standards and best practices.

3. Digital Content Accessibility

3.1 Web Content

We ensure that all web content, including text, images, multimedia, and interactive elements, is accessible to individuals with disabilities.

3.2 Alternative Formats

Where possible, we provide alternative formats for content to accommodate diverse needs, such as audio descriptions for videos and transcripts for audio content.

3.3 Third-Party Content

We work with third-party vendors and partners to ensure that their digital content and services hosted on our platforms are accessible.

4. Website and Application Accessibility

4.1 Design and Development

We design and develop websites and applications with accessibility in mind, following best practices for accessible user interfaces and experiences.

4.2 Testing and Evaluation

We conduct regular accessibility testing and evaluation to identify and address accessibility issues, with a focus on usability for individuals with disabilities.

4.3 Compatibility

Our websites and applications are compatible with assistive technologies, including screen readers, voice recognition software, and keyboard navigation.

5. User Support and Training

5.1 User Support

We provide user support to assist individuals with disabilities in accessing our digital content and services. Support channels are easily accessible and responsive.

5.2 Training

Our staff, including content creators and developers, receive training in accessibility principles and practices to ensure they contribute to accessible digital content.

6. Accessibility Feedback and Reporting

6.1 Feedback

We welcome feedback from users, including those with disabilities, regarding accessibility issues or improvements. Feedback channels are clearly communicated.

6.2 Reporting and Resolution

We have established processes for reporting accessibility issues and a commitment to resolving them promptly and transparently.

7. Accountability and Review

7.1 Responsibility

WhitoMedia holds all relevant personnel accountable for adhering to this Accessibility Policy and ensuring accessibility in all digital content and services.

7.2 Review

This Accessibility Policy will be reviewed regularly and updated as necessary to reflect changes in accessibility standards and best practices.

8. Contact Information

For questions or concerns related to accessibility or to report accessibility issues, please contact: